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Sunday, August 22, 2010

How To Get Kicked Out Of A Pharmacy

How To Get Kicked Out Of A Pharmacy

  1. Ask what type of pain killer goes best with Red Wine.
  2. Offer to trade a Pez Dispenser for a bottle Codeine.
  3. Ask how much Vikiden you would give an 800lb horse.
  4. Try to have a bottle of Chloroform gift wrapped.
  5. Inquire what kind of sunscreen works best on hairless cats.
  6. Ask which kind of Rogaine works best on a Chia Pet.
  7. Build Easter baskets out of gauze pads.
  8. Inquire where you can find Visine for a seeing-eye-dog.
  9. Ask where they keep the tourniquets and anti-venom.
  10. Ask if Aloe Vera cures leprosy and scratch a lot.
  11. Replace the throat lozenges with Skittles.
  12. Ask if they see No Doze, caffeine pills and Smores.

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Love the giftwrapping. :)

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