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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fun Phrases For Secuirty At Legoland

  • I thought the bumper cars were going too fast, so I built a speed bump.
  • So I made a bathhouse out of Lincoln Logs.
  • I thought it would be a great time to reenact Godzilla Devours Denmark.
  • Like I was going to wait for the gift shop to pick up a souvenir.
  • I needed a restroom, so I built one.
  • So I assumed tinkering with my Tinker Toys was expected in Playland.
  • Now that it looks like a penis maybe the Eiffel Tower will finally live up to its name.
  • They never really proved I fed Mickey Mouse the rat poison.
  • Either stop staring at my erector set or ask me to dance.

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      H3Y BABE !!!...Cool myspace u got there [It must be, I've not gotten this letter more often than Dick Cheney gets kicked out of gun shops. How did you get Bush to back down on the whole stem cell issue so that the cloning process could begin?] I was just browsing people who live near me and found ya [I'm guessing you're not in Long Beach.] Feel free to add me to your M~S~N or A~I~M. I prefer M`S`N as A'I'M freezes on me so I may not get ur messages [Thanks, I was wondering when all the spamwhores who gave themselves classy names like Lustylicks would accompany me to the church picnic, day care and the company prom. I'll bring the Legos if you bring the wicker baskets and condoms.]...I jusst m0ved [Zero's not a vowel.] so try!ng [Neither is an exclamation mark] to meeet [No word in the English language has three Es in a row. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you were never a hooker on phonics.] sum [When you get your GED, you can master homophones instead of sexless men who's only chance of getting laid is masturbating in front of a screen and pretending the spamwhore on the other end wants them and not their credit card.] new people.. xoxox chat soon cutie xoxoxo Paris [I'm really sorry you broke up with Nichole but you might want to give up and get a job.]

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