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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seven Things I Learned In College, & A Few Since

  1. Community college will admit anyone whose check clears.
  2. A BA degree has a whole lot in common with the proverbial BS.
  3. The worst teachers often have 300 people in one class.
  4. At 8am, there will be more cars in your parking structure than there are parking spaces.
  5. A liberal arts major is another just word for permanently undecided.
  6. Curves only exist in Calculus.
  7. Graduation is usually followed by the phrase, "Now what?"
  8. If college was affordable there would be a whole lot less bike racks.
  9. Odds are that your psychology instructor is nuts, your sociology teacher doesn't do well in groups and your philosophy teacher became a philosopher after ODing on pot.

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I've decided the murder-suicide plot wasn't good for either of us.


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